You find the properties, we'll manage the flip.

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At Level Plane, we know the good and the bad of fix-and-flip remodels.

A ton of effort is put into finding a property, especially in this crazy Denver market. Now that you’ve acquired one (or several), let’s work to maximize your return on investment. We can help you with this by managing the full scope of construction or simply assisting your team in the construction process. We have the expertise and team to be your main construction source for your flips.

We have over 10 years of experience delivering residential construction projects on-time and on-budget. We specialize in the fix-and-flip industry. Whether you are flipping to sell or to manage as a rental property, we know which areas of improvement are going to result in the highest returns - that includes which areas probably don’t need to be touched at all.


Only What You Need

Need us to manage every aspect of the flip?  We can do that - from the initial property inspection, budgeting, subcontractor management to final walk through.  Feel like you have certain areas covered already?  Bring us in to support you only in the areas where you need assistance. 

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Ongoing Property Maintenance

Is this property going to be used as a long term rental? We can assist in ongoing property maintenance, from leaky dishwashers to new fencing. Continue growing your rental portfolio knowing that your existing properties are well taken care of.

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Professional and Reputable

Feel confident knowing that your project will be professionally managed and kept to budget by a team of reputable construction project management and subcontractor professionals. We communicate often and utilize technology to provide you with a comfortable flipping experience that you can feel at ease with.

About Us


One of the biggest downfalls of new investors is investing in the wrong areas of improvement.


Maximize Your ROI

Keeping your flip on time and on budget is essential to getting back your expected returns. If you are new to this, we have the resources to manage the project from start to finish. Got a team or previous experience flipping? Check out our full list of services to see where we can jump in and help you out.


Working with a team you trust is the key to getting the job done quickly and within budget.


Free Up Your Time

It’s a finite and valuable resource. Don’t get buried under the complexities of construction while trying to build your fix-and-flip or rental property portfolio. Focus on finding the properties and anything else you would rather be doing - leave the construction management to us! We have over a decade of experience delivering residential construction projects on-time and on-budget.