We are passionate about residential construction and believe there is an easier way to do things better.


Chad Torp

Chad comes from a family of carpenters, but has spent the past 10+ years on the project management side of the business. In this time he has set up streamlined processes to ensure as smooth of a flip as possible (which seems to be rare). He prides himself on getting the job done quickly and on budget.

Bonus points: Though he’s been focused more on managing projects, Chad happily steps in to do the work himself - especially if that means keeping costs down or getting clients out of a jam.

Fallon Torp

Fallon’s background in analytics and then software design and development helps to provide Level Plane with a technology and design focused approach to construction and remodeling.  People are increasingly expecting a better experience from a hospitality and technology perspective and Fallon is passionate about incorporating these beliefs into the construction process.

Bonus points: Want a website set up to showcase your rental portfolio? Need help streamlining your different business processes? Fallon can help with that.


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