Construction Services


Pre-Purchase Walk-through

Before committing to any property, have us do a walk through with you. We will be able to help identify any major issues that may need to be addressed. We will also be able to provide you with an idea of rough renovation costs for only the areas that should be addressed for resale or rental.


Let us provide you with a comprehensive budget plan for the entire flip. All budget plans are detailed by line item and easy to read. When working with us for the entire project, one of our most important goals for your project is sticking to that original budget. 


Proper scheduling and keeping to the budget go hand in hand. Let us put together a comprehensive project schedule for your flip that we can either execute for you or you can take to your preferred contractors.

Permit Management

Though the property owner is required to pull the permits, there is typically a lot of back and forth required before permits are actually secured. Let us handle interactions with inspectors and clear any roadblocks in order to get the work started.

Material Purchasing + Delivery

Save the headache of many trips to and from the home improvement stores. We will order, pickup, and deliver materials - all at the best possible prices. *Note: We do not cover the cost of  materials, this needs to be done by the owner via advance payment. See: Online Payments section.



We have a trusted team of quality professionals that we have been working with for many years. Being in the industry for awhile has also given us a network of specialized individuals and teams that we can reach out to for specialty projects or when additional resources are needed.

Inspection Resolution Punch List

Hopefully if we have managed the project, the final sale will be a breeze. That being said, there is always the expectation that a potential buyer will request additional work to be done before a final sale. Let us handle that list - quickly and on budget.

Online Invoicing + Payments

It’s time to bring residential construction into the modern times. We will provide professional, detailed online invoices. You will also have the ability to pay for all services (including advance material payments) via our secure online Quickbooks portal.



Full Project Management

Get the complete package of all services by bringing on Level Plane to manage the full scope of construction for your flip. This is an end-to-end offering including all of the services mentioned here as well as:

  • Comprehensive construction project plan packet

  • Online management of project - check the status of all aspects of the project anytime from anywhere


Ongoing Services


Regular Property Upkeep

Is this investment becoming a rental property? Have other rental properties in your portfolio? Retain our services for monthly, seasonal, or annual maintenance to keep the value of your investment high and your tenants happy.  Services include:

  • Weekly walks to make sure everything is working correctly (checking for frozen pipes, water leaks, toilets flush, touch up clean) 
  • Addressing realtor comments 

Lawn/Outdoor Maintenance

  • Weekly mowing (including trimming and any debris removal)
  • Snow removal (sidewalk and driveway)
  • Sprinkler blowouts